Eyebrow Grooming: The Difference Between Waxing and Threading


To look elegant, we must learn to value personal grooming. Ladies need to keep a vigorous check on every part of their face and body. Society has set certain beauty standards for women and they need to follow them. One such standard is to have a glabrous face and well-shaped eyebrows. Facial hair is very common in men as well as women. While men are free to sport a beard and have bushy eyebrows, women need to visit a parlor at least twice a month to get rid of facial hair and have well-shaped eyebrows.

Eyebrows widely affect our looks. Even if we have beautiful almond-shaped eyes (which is the most beautiful eye shape) accentuated with mascara and kohl, but we don’t have well-shaped eyebrows, we won’t get the natural, polished look. Eyebrows are those components of our face which we cannot afford to ignore. It is mandatory for women to wax or thread their eyebrows.

Generally, threading is considered ideal for getting shapely brows. A question arises as to what is threading? So basically, threading refers to removal of facial hair by using a 100% cotton thread. Its origin can be traced back to the antiquated Eastern culture. An expert usually taken two entwined pieces of the thread and wraps them around the unwanted hair, exhuming them from our skin in one clean movement. It is a natural and safe way for hair removal.

Waxing generally involves application of wax to the skin and putting a special sheet of paper over it. When the wax dries, this sheet of paper is pulled forcefully to remove unwanted hair.

It is important to consider the superiority of threading over waxing. Waxing is very harsh on sensitive skin. It may cause inflammation and acne which can worsen with time. Wax bought from the stores comprises of dangerous chemicals which are not only harmful to your skin but also to your health. It is laden with carcinogenic paraben, resins, artificial fragrances and dyes. Threading is a safer option as it involves the use of 100% cotton thread only. It causes little or no damage to the skin at all. There might be a small acne breakout near your brows but it can be avoided by applying astringent immediately after threading. In terms of longevity as well, threading is an ideal option. You won’t have to visit salon for the next 3-4 weeks after threading your eyebrows as the hair are generally plucked from their roots. Threading is also considered as a quicker option for removal of unwanted hair. You won’t have to wait for anything to dry. It grabs one line of hair at once and safely digs it out of your skin. Threading has greater chances of delivering flawless results as well.

In addition to these advantages, Sunita Batra, the CEO of Ziba Beauty has told many other merits of threading in her short video. It will give more points of difference between waxing and threading. Threading might hurt in the beginning. But after two sessions, you would never feel like reverting to waxing.

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