What are Eyelash Extensions


The eyes are an important part of the human body. One of the first things you notice the first time you meet someone is their eye. Sometimes, our eyes are accentuated by the tiny hairs that line our eyelids. It is very interesting how these tiny hairs can make a huge difference on our appearance. There are a number ways you can even make them prettier. Two of the most popular ways are using fake eyelashes and getting an eyelash extension. Unfortunately, most women do not have the time to apply fake eyelashes every day. In fact, they even lack the time to use an eyelash curler. This explains the reason why eyelash extensions have gained so much popularity in the recent years.

What is an eyelash extension?

This is a revolutionary technique of extending the length and thickness of your real eyelashes. Lash extensions are individual strands of thin to thick synthetic eyelashes curved to replicate natural eyelash. These are applied on hair to hair basis on your own lashes for a natural, luscious beautiful look. This process leaves your eyelashes longer thicker and more gorgeous

How long does it take and how is the process done?

The process of applying lashes is done while you are lying down. The whole process is likely to take approximately one and half hours for a full set but again this depend with the set of lashes you want. Once you have clean and primed your lashes, the bottom lashes are first protected with an anti aging eye pad and a medical tape. The lash extensions are then applied hair by hair on the real lashes with medical glue. This procedure is very relaxing and non-invasive. In fact, most of the clients often fall asleep during the procedure.

How long will they last?

We have seen cases whereby some lashes come out as early as after two or three weeks but typically, if the lashes are taken good care of, they can last for up to 6 weeks. These extensions will shed with the natural growth cycle of your own lashes. However, if you choose to get touch-ups in between, the lashes will last for as long as you continue to fill them in.

How often can you get a retouch?

You can get a retouch after every 2 to 4 weeks. Unfortunately, if you wait for too long, your eyelashes will fall out and you will need a complete set replacement. There are also other factors such as exposure to humidity, steam or rubbing your eyes frequently can make the extension fall out soon. Unlike when the first procedure, touchups can take between 45-60 minutes depending on the period you have waited between appointments.

Eyelash extensions are however discouraged for people: having pre-existing eyelid or eye conditions such as blephritis; are very rough with themselves; cannot control rubbing their eyes and those that are in a chlorinated water most of the time. You are also discouraged from using mechanical curlers while you are on an eyelash extension. These curlers are likely to damage your extension and your own natural lashes. Therefore, what you are you still waiting for? It is time to achieve that sexy Adele’s shutter.

Eyebrow Grooming: The Difference Between Waxing and Threading


To look elegant, we must learn to value personal grooming. Ladies need to keep a vigorous check on every part of their face and body. Society has set certain beauty standards for women and they need to follow them. One such standard is to have a glabrous face and well-shaped eyebrows. Facial hair is very common in men as well as women. While men are free to sport a beard and have bushy eyebrows, women need to visit a parlor at least twice a month to get rid of facial hair and have well-shaped eyebrows.

Eyebrows widely affect our looks. Even if we have beautiful almond-shaped eyes (which is the most beautiful eye shape) accentuated with mascara and kohl, but we don’t have well-shaped eyebrows, we won’t get the natural, polished look. Eyebrows are those components of our face which we cannot afford to ignore. It is mandatory for women to wax or thread their eyebrows.

Generally, threading is considered ideal for getting shapely brows. A question arises as to what is threading? So basically, threading refers to removal of facial hair by using a 100% cotton thread. Its origin can be traced back to the antiquated Eastern culture. An expert usually taken two entwined pieces of the thread and wraps them around the unwanted hair, exhuming them from our skin in one clean movement. It is a natural and safe way for hair removal.

Waxing generally involves application of wax to the skin and putting a special sheet of paper over it. When the wax dries, this sheet of paper is pulled forcefully to remove unwanted hair.

It is important to consider the superiority of threading over waxing. Waxing is very harsh on sensitive skin. It may cause inflammation and acne which can worsen with time. Wax bought from the stores comprises of dangerous chemicals which are not only harmful to your skin but also to your health. It is laden with carcinogenic paraben, resins, artificial fragrances and dyes. Threading is a safer option as it involves the use of 100% cotton thread only. It causes little or no damage to the skin at all. There might be a small acne breakout near your brows but it can be avoided by applying astringent immediately after threading. In terms of longevity as well, threading is an ideal option. You won’t have to visit salon for the next 3-4 weeks after threading your eyebrows as the hair are generally plucked from their roots. Threading is also considered as a quicker option for removal of unwanted hair. You won’t have to wait for anything to dry. It grabs one line of hair at once and safely digs it out of your skin. Threading has greater chances of delivering flawless results as well.

In addition to these advantages, Sunita Batra, the CEO of Ziba Beauty has told many other merits of threading in her short video. It will give more points of difference between waxing and threading. Threading might hurt in the beginning. But after two sessions, you would never feel like reverting to waxing.

How to Reduce Puffy Eyes


Wondering how to reduce puffy eyes and wrinkles without having to try a dozen different products before being successful? This video will help assure that the next solution you get is a winner.

Let’s face it now, nothing makes you look older that puffiness, bags, and wrinkles under your eyes. And since the eyes and face are the primary places we look when we communicate (verbally and nonverbally) with each other, it’s hard to not notice them either.

Want to know how to reduce puffy eyes and wrinkles? Here’s a few keys to success to keep in mind when looking for the perfect solution.

  • Don’t discount skin care companies that you’ve never heard of before. I didn’t find an effective treatment to reduce puffy eyes and wrinkles until I started to look closely at brands I never heard of before (specifically, ones made outside the U.S.). The Internet is a great place to find effective anti-aging products because you can learn a whole lot more about them then by just reading a product’s label at the store. Just remember that a heavily advertised product isn’t necessarily one that works; it just means they advertise the most!
  • Don’t let price dictate which product you get. I know that price is important, but you can’t let it decide which product to go with. If you spend too little, you’re just going to waste your money. But you certainly don’t need to spend $75-$100 on a single eye care product. Pick which one to go with based on the ingredients it contains.
  • Realize what causes wrinkles, hand bags, and puffiness to form under the face. Wrinkles form because of a loss of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid inside the skin. Cost-free radical damage accelerates growing older also.Puffiness within the eyes forms as a result of increased fluid build-up on account of poor drainage and also circulation, an enhance in skin slackening, as well as a decrease is skin elasticity.
  • In order to cut back puffy eyes and also wrinkles, you need a cream or lotion that contains the right components in effective portions. Not only are you looking to get an eye treatment that contains the right things that address the problems as listed above, you also have to make sure that the product employs those ingredients throughout effective amounts. Many companies simply just use minimal degrees of some ingredients simply to add it to be able to it’s label.
  • Look for proof that the product (or at least the ingredients) is effective and does what it says it does. Unlike drugs, skin care companies do not have to prove their products are effective and safe. If a company really knew how effective their product was, they would have put it through clinical trials to prove it’s effectiveness. Whenever they didn’t, then how can they know it will eventually actually reduce fluffy eyes and creases?

You can also put the ice into water and then soak cotton pads in that water. You can use the chilled cotton pads to cover your eyes for around 10 minutes. This is an effective way to reduce swelling caused due to allergies. It will also alleviate eye irritation and itching.