5 Baking Soda Beauty Secrets


Every girl strives to look her best. While this practice is excellent to boost one’s self-confidence, it may play havoc in one’s pocket, looking at the sky-rocketing prices of beauty products in the market today. Have you ever wondered what enhanced the beauty of the generations of women before us, when beauty products were not so prevalent in the market, and there was literally no cosmetic industry? Simple! They just raided their kitchen shelves and refrigerators for natural beauty enhancing ingredients, especially baking soda, and you can do so too! Baking soda is not only inexpensive but completely safe as well! So, feel beautiful from head to toe with these tried and tested 5 baking soda beauty secrets:

Baking Soda is a product in a form of a powder which aids as a cooking ingredient, deodorizer, and even a cleaning agent. Aside from these useful characteristics, it also acts as a beautifying ingredient to certain skin types.

Skin exfoliant: Baking soda face mask serves as a natural moisturizer and an aid for skin exfoliation. You may wonder why it can be used for skin treatment; this is because its sodium bicarbonate content acts as a mild abrasive that is commonly used in different skin care products. Such content excoriates the skin by removing impurities and dead skin cells from the skin. The best attribute about this face mask is that it is inexpensive and safe, and its ingredients are readily available in your kitchen cabinet.

Teeth whitening: When it comes to health and beauty, baking soda is primarily used for teeth whitening; even some toothpaste have this powder as one of the main ingredients. By putting some baking soda on your toothbrush along with your toothpaste, you can safely whiten your teeth at home at almost no cost. However, sodium bicarbonate should not be used for teeth whitening for more than once or twice per week, and as an only solution for keeping the teeth healthy.

Ideal hair care: Replacing regular shampoo with a little baking soda, and replacing conditioner with vinegar gains more followers every day. People who in the past have replaced the regular shampoo/conditioner with this kind of baking soda/vinegar often call this method of hair washing the “no ‘poo” (“no shampoo”) method. The method basically consists of dissolving the soda in water and applying the mixture as with regular shampoo. Some use “dry shampoo” method, by sprinkling soda, directly to dry hair, and brushing it off in order to remove sebum.

Dandruff removal: Baking soda is also said to be magnificent at combating dandruff. The way to do this is to massage some baking soda into your scalp while you shampoo.

Relaxation bath: To refresh your skin and add up your natural beauty, add a cup of baking soda to your bath water. This will leave your skin feeling refreshed and smooth. This mixture is also a good body scrub. It also helps relieve sunburned skin and quickly restores the damaged skin tissues.

Straightforward and healthy solutions are gaining more popularity among people, and baking soda is among top pure products which can contribute to less expensive but comprehensive beauty results. They can be used for cleaning, baking, teeth whitening, hair care, drain unclogging, and many more useful everyday errands.