Do you have any more questions?

    We are so excited that God has chosen you to come to the Beauty Treatment Retreat “for such a time as this.”

    As a team, we are diligently and prayerfully preparing to make this a retreat that you will never forget. We meet every week to pray for you, and plan for your arrival. The team works hard to be more than a blessing to each and everyone of you. I am confident that you will all feel so special.


    Who should attend this retreat?
    Women. Single, married, divorced or widowed. Rich, poor or in between. The deep content of this retreat is geared towards those who are believers in Christ. Women must be 18 or older to attend.

    Do I have a roommate?
    At the Lial Renewal Center in Ohio, No. The rooms are private and each have their own restroom. You will not have the option for a roommate. The cost of the room is included in the retreat fee.
    At the Christian Retreat Center in Florida, Yes. A single room option is NOT available for this retreat. The rooms can accommodate 2-4 guests (2 queen beds), but the retreat fee is per person, not per room. We encourage you to register after you have selected a roommate. Make sure the woman you select as a roommate also lists you as her roommate on her registration. If you register without designating a roommate, one will be selected for you.

    Can I cancel my registration for the retreat?
    Yes, but ALL REGISTRATIONS ARE NON REFUNDABLE and your payment will be considered a tax-deductible donation upon prompt notification to our treasurer, Joy Geis.

    What should I bring to the retreat?
    Ladies, we want you to be comfortable the whole weekend. So if sweatpants is what makes you comfortable then by all means, bring them. The only time that we will dress up is Saturday evening.
    So for Saturday evening, bring an evening gown or nice dress, dress shoes, and your favorite jewelry piece. Some ladies have previously brought skirts and that is fine too, whatever you feel comfortable in, just know that Saturday night will be much fancier than you probably have ever experienced.
    Walking shoes for outdoors. There are beautiful walkways outdoors, one leading to still water.
    Bring also your own toiletries, like shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, brush, etc. If anyone ends up forgetting anything, we will have anything a female may need, so don’t be shy to ask one of our handmaidens.
    Swimsuit (Florida only). There is a pool you can use prior to the retreat or after.
    Bring your Bibles.
    You are welcome to bring your own coffee creamers and snacks, though your retreat fee includes 6 meals, drinks, and some snacks.

    When should I or can I arrive?
    Dinner will be ready at 5:00 pm which will be buffet, serve yourself style, when you arrive. So feel free to arrive earlier (as early as 2:00 pm) to get settled in and have free time before we start our evening activities.

    I’d like to come but I can’t pay all at once. What can I do?
    Please contact Joy Geis to discuss payment options. Please note: ALL PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

    Do you offer scholarships to help pay for some or all of the retreat fee?
    No. At this time the ministry does not have funding available to offer scholarships. We encourage to seek out sponsorship on your own from an outside resource.

    How can I provide a partial scholarship to help a woman in need attend the retreat?

    Any other details I should know?
    We will be asking that you leave your cell phones, and/or electronics in your car or with one of our handmaidens, for the purpose of entering into God’s Presence without any distractions. Please give the number of the retreat center to your spouse or caretakers of children, in case of emergency (You will be notified promptly should an emergency arise):
    Lial Renewal Center in Ohio
    (419) 877-0432
    The Christian Retreat in Florida
    (941) 746-2882

    We have been praying for all of you, so I would encourage you to come with an open heart and be ready to receive all that God has for you. This is going to be an incredible weekend!! 🙂
    If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Again we look so forward to seeing you and/or meeting you soon.

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