Please fill out this form, and then we will send you an application. Filling out this form does not guarantee your spot on the retreat. We must receive a $50 non refundable deposit before securing your spot. As soon as you submit your name here, our team will begin praying for you.

Guest Application

We are so excited that God has chosen you to come to the Beauty Treatment Retreat “for such a time as this.”

As a team, we are diligently and prayerfully preparing to make this a retreat that you will never forget. We meet every week to pray for you, and plan for your arrival. The team works hard to be more than a blessing to each and everyone of you. I am confident that you will all feel so special.
What to bring:
Ladies, we want you to be comfortable the whole weekend. So if sweatpants is what makes you comfortable then by all means, bring them. The only time that we will dress up is Saturday evening.
So for Saturday evening, bring an evening gown or nice dress. Some ladies have previously brought skirts and that is fine too, whatever you feel comfortable in, just know that Saturday night will be much fancier than you probably have ever experienced.
Walking shoes for outdoors. There are beautiful walkways outdoors, one leading to still water.
Bring also your own toiletries, like shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, brush, etc. If anyone ends up forgetting anything, we will have anything a female may need, so don’t be shy to ask one of our handmaidens.
Dinner will be ready at 5:00 pm which will be buffet, serve yourself style, when you arrive. So feel free to arrive earlier (as early as 2:00 pm) to get settled in and have free time before we start our evening activities.
We have been praying for all of you, so I would encourage you to come with an open heart and be ready to receive all that God has for you.
We will be asking that you leave your cell phones, and/or electronics in your car or with one of our handmaidens, for the purpose of entering into God’s Presence without any distractions.
Please give the number of the retreat center to your spouse or caretakers of children, in case of emergency (You will be notified promptly should an emergency arise):
The Christian Retreat
(941) 746-2882
This is going to be an incredible weekend!! 🙂
If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Again we look so forward to seeing you and/or meeting you soon.
In His Beauty,
Jodie Dye