“Beauty Treatments by Jodie Dye is a refreshing and much needed book for Christian women of all walks. Jodie dives into the spiritual truths of the scriptures and shares meaningful and honest stories about her time of consecration to the Lord. You will want to live the year of consecration and go through your own spiritual beauty treatments as you walk through the book of Esther and through Jodie’s time in the “harem.” You will learn to soak, be exfoliated, and moisturized as you enter into a deeper relationship with the King of kings. I have personally had the privilege of seeing this change in the author’s life first hand over the last few years and can honestly say, “it works!” Jodie shows women of all walks of life that they can have the shinning radiance of the Lord in their lives by allowing the trials and sorrows of life to draw then into a sweet intimate relationship with him. This book is truly the start of a spiritual renewal among women everywhere.”

Laura Richmeier

“Many miss the relevance of beauty in the book of Esther, because the word is used so freely in these modern times. Many miss the importance oils and lotions, since American women have these in abundance. Many miss the peculiar method of divine intervention through women, since authority is no longer rare among women. Yet, physical description is rare in Hebrew text. If Holy Spirit equals oil, then oil is scarcely used these days. Authority may be common in our time, but when you are reborn from spirit, you become part of a household with enough authority to remake the entire earth. Jodie Dye, the Author of Beauty Treatments: Prepare to Meet Your King, brings that point straight to your heart on page sixty-five. Esther can remind the modern woman, being part of that esteemed household is never a straight journey, nor a painless one. That journey, however, will reveal what is at your core—to both you and the King. Page seventy-three is for tears. Because, Beauty Treatments: Prepare to Meet Your King is about place—your place. You have a shepherd who waits for you, but most women have forgotten. You have a shepherd who wants to take you home, but most women aren’t listening. Beauty Treatments: Prepare to Meet Your King awakens those forgotten hopes that we need to remember: we have a place. Come home. Thank you for reminding us, Jodie Dye.”

Michael Ben ZehabeSanta Barbara, CA

“My relationship with the King of Kings has been so enriched by this book, the author, and her ministry of retreats that teach and put into practice the chapters of this book. Take them seriously put them into practice and watch the changes God will do in and through you. I guarantee you will be blessed beyond imagining. You will draw closer to Jesus and to others.”

Tina Stahle

“The author really put her heart into this book. Great read! It was thought provoking and makes you want that deep, intimate relationship with our Father. I enjoyed her use of scripture and life application. Her transparency is much needed in today’s world. Best book I’ve read this year!”

Stephanie Williams

“There is nothing I enjoy more than a story that tells of the transforming power of our God. Jodie’s obedience to follow the path God laid out for her, both personally and professionally, was a great inspiration to me. I pray that God will continue to use the book to encourage other women to take the journey that leads to the great satisfaction we find in a relationship with the one who created us for Himself.”

B.J. Young

“Beauty treatments is a book that will transform and deepen your walk with The Lord! Jodie’s testimony is the best testimony I have ever read because God completely changed her life and rescued her from many terrible circumstances! She is a survivor through God’s amazing mercy and grace! You will never be the same after you read this book! You will understand God’s love for you more deeply!”

Amy Goodlesky

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